Heveaboard Malaysia

New Globus Ring Flaker Mills

Already ship to malesian company Heveaboard the new Globus SRC 690 EVO 4° knife ring flaker equipped with the famous “wobble” disk, for their Gemas particleboard production facility.
This flaker, will replace an existing German competitor flaker and lather on others new Globus mills will replace all the existing knife ring flaker mills.
This order takes the number of flakers sold over the last two years to some of the world’s major particleboard manufacturers to 22 units.
Remaining loyal to the ImalPal group’s motto: “Innovation is constantly on our mind”, Globus has recently designed a completely revolutionary concept for sharpening knife ring flaker knives: “The sharpening room”.
The innovative Globus solution utilizes a robot to handle the knives throughout all the sharpening stages, and which is capable of performing distinct processing cycles.


Great innovations arise from the ability to observe the world around us with different and attentive eyes and to maintain a passionate curiosity throughout life, as the great Leonardo Da Vinci would say!