RCG Knife Flakers


  • Knife Ring Flakers must generate enough centrifugal strength to maintain the chips constantly pressed against the knives and fight the shearing stress. Conventional Flakers are designed to refine chips of regular size and mass. But, they do not generate enough strength to refine material of small size-mass, i.e. micro-chips, oversize particles, sawdust cubes, etc. In this case the reduced centrifugal strength is not sufficient to fight the shearing stress and small material go on jumping into the knife ring, which transforms them in toothpicks and sub-cubes with a fast loss of cutting capacity of knives. Starting from these physics concepts, we re-invented the Knife Ring Flakers
  • Very high precision knife ring
  • High number of knives
  • Very high precision impeller provided with presetting system for counter-knives
  • Minimized gap among knives and counter-knives
  • High flaking speed and special setting to refine small-size material, i.e. micro-chips, oversize particles and sawdust cubes
  • Feeding door provided with air cleaner to reject heavy pollutants
  • Machine parts getting in touch with chips are highly protected against wear
  • Easy and quick replacement of knife-ring


  • Excellent flakes from regular chips, fresh and recycled
  • Superior result from micro-chips, oversize particles and sawdust cubes
  • High efficiency
  • High reliability
  • Minimized maintenance costs
  • Low specific energy consumption
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Email info@globussrl.it
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