Suppliers of complete solutions

IMAL, PAL and GLOBUS, three well familiar names in the woodbased panel industry for over 40 years, joined forces to form a group that is renowned worldwide for its long experience in wood particle preparation, gluing and resination, on-line quality controls, process controls, board handling and in particular for its continual innovation.

The group has spent the last few years developing and investing in forming and continuous press technology to complete its range of products and to become a reliable and competitive partner for the supply of complete lines for the production of PB, MDF, OSB, insulation board, pellets and pallet blocks.

The systems and equipment of the IMAL- PAL group may be found in virtually every PB, MDF and OSB production plant around the world. The systems and equipment manufactured by the IMAL- PAL group are renowned worldwide for their high quality construction and design, advanced software and process control and continual innovations to improve product quality and cut production costs.

Over the last ten years however, in their constant endeavour to evolve and progress, the group has adapted and applied their long experience, know-how and innovative solutions to move into new markets in the wood industry such as biomass energy plants, drying systems and power generation.

Recently, the group has also designed new systems for the treatment of industrial and municipal waste to maximize material recovery for the production of energy and minimize the waste to landfill sites.

Tailor made projects, laboratory tests and know how

Each new project evolves from the close collaboration between the IMAL-PAL team of experts and the customer’s experts to ensure both versatility and a successful outcome.

A wide range of machinery and the capability to prove facts in the laboratory, enable the group to propose the most suitable solution to minimize production costs and to achieve maximum performance at the same time.

Service and post sales assistance is the group’s strong point which, thanks to its trim organization and great flexibility can assist customers rapidly any time.
A fully customer-oriented group knows exactly what customers need and always makes every effort to meet its requests.