IMAL- PAL Group on Panel World magazine, November 2014

IMAL- PAL Group on Panel World magazine, November 2014

The IMAL-PAL Group reports it has won the order for the supply of a complete continuous press line to MDF QUAG TRI – VRG (Vietnam Rubber Group) in Vietnam.
The contract was signed in April 2014 and the line is scheduled to start production within 20 months.
Plant capacity will be approximately 120,000 m3/year, but all the major equipment has been sized to process more than 180,000 m3 of board a year with thickness varying from 2 to 30 mm. The line will produce board widths varying from 9-7 ft. at a maximum pressing speed of 1500 mm/sec.
The continuous DYNASTEAMPRESS, fully designed and constructed by IMAL in Italy, combines steam and thermal oil for board cure, thus cutting press times by 30% with respect to standard continuous presses. With the supply of this press, following that of IPAN, Italy, the number of continuous DYNAPRESSES produced by the IMAL-PAL group has risen to six.
The IMAL scope of supply, in addition to the Dynasteampress, also includes the engineering of the entire factory, technological support, diagonal saw, board handling, automatic stores, all the electric control, on line quality controls, laboratory equipment and the HI jet Blow line resination system which can reduce resin consumption with respect to standard systems by over 20%.
PAL will supply a high performance rotary debarker to remove the bark from acacia logs, Dynascreen and the DCC for dry cleaning the chips, two vertical chip silos and the fibre former. The former distribution head will be equipped with a system that is able to automatically modify the transversal mat weight profile on the basis of the information received from an IMAL X-ray operated system placed on the mat, downstream of the press.
The whole log feeding line, chipping and waste bark refiner will be supplied by GLOBUS, another member of the IMAL-PAL group.