The 2013 edition of the LIGNA show was an excellent opportunity for the Imal-Pal group to present their innovations to a host of potential customers.

Over 50 members of the Imal-Pal group from the sales and technical engineering departments spent the five days of the show engaged in various technical and commercial meetings discussing current projects, new projects and securing major supply contracts.  

The principal companies comprising the group, Imal, Pal and Globus continue to distinguish themselves as leaders in their own specialist core business, attracting hundreds of customers and visitors to their booth.

Today the Imal-Pal group has also proved to be the perfect partner for the supply of complete plants, with the addition to its range of products of the DYNASTEAMPRESS, a unique continuous press which applies steam (patented design) to accelerate cure times by over 30% and reduce resin addition rates within the production process by over 8% with respect to what now could well be considered standard, outmoded, continuous presses.

Other innovative technology presented by the group at the show includes lines to produce Insulation Board (INSULIT®), a novel product destined to replace rock wool and polystyrene in thermal and acoustic insulation for housing and industrial buildings.


IMAL has retained its position as a leader in brand new resination systems for OSB, MDF and PB, showcasing its latest Hi-jet blow line technology and high pressure particleboard blender. Such systems are already in operation in various plants worldwide and have already reduced resin consumption by over 15% in comparison with other traditional and obsolete systems.

Other equipment which aroused a great deal of interest was undoubtedly the Dynasteam, a mat steam injection system with which it is possible to increase production capacity and reduce the amount of resin utilized in the production process. Several customers placed new orders for this unit at the show, taking the number of units sold to over 60 in less than 2 years.

With regard to the complete and ample range of quality control equipment, Imal showcased a revolutionary bond and blown board classifier which is able to conduct a 100% analysis of the board, something which systems currently available are unable to achieve.

New fire suppression systems and lab equipment were also presented at Ligna, renewing and completing the range of safety equipment and laboratory equipment.

Pal launched its new generation Cleaning Tower on the market: this latest generation concept is able to clean all kinds of pollutants from the flow of wood chips consuming very low amounts of energy. This new cleaning technology combines three grading principles: the first being that of demetallization accomplished with highly efficient magnetic systems (able to separate ferrous and non-ferrous metals), the second adopts the principle of aerodynamics, where inert substances are separated from the wood particle flow by a jet of air which removes them on the basis of their density, surface and shape and lastly the spectrographic principle which optically identifies the spectrum of the wood and all the other contaminants and, by applying jets of compressed air, separates out all the materials which are not wood. With this principle it is also possible to identify black bodies which, despite being unclassified material, may be separated out from the wood.

The Cleaning Tower is definitely the best solution for removing pollutants from wood due to its elevated cleaning efficiency (90-95%), low energy consumption (5-6 kW/ton/hour), low wood content in the reject and small installation footprint.

In addition to recycled wood cleaning , an area where PAL has been the market leader for over 30 years, PAL has expanded its range of products to include new generation debarkers, metering systems, extractors for silos and forming systems, designed to offer the best solution for PB, MDF and OSB production.

Globus presented its SRC centrifugal flaker, which is equipped with 690 mm long knives and the innovative spreader disk to distribute the material over the full length of the knife, thus making a radical improvement to chip quality and increasing production capacity.


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