BERNECK, Brasil: complete preparation plant for MDP

PAL consolidates its leadership in South America by the sale of the complete MDP particle preparation plant for production of 2400 m3/day high-quality board on the BERNECK plant, located in Curitibanos SC-BR.

The main scope of supply includes:

- storage of the raw and intermediate process material within circular silos of up to 25m diameter and 10.000m3 storage capacity;

- material extraction system by different type of extractors:

  * Hydromat systems with dosing screws

  * Extracon system

  * Extraplus system;

- removal of ferrous pollutants from the flow by magnets;

- wet screening with Patented roller screen type DYNASCREEN® to split the flow in different fractions classified by size;

- Metering bin type BBT-DRIERCON to optimize the dryer feeding with consequent increase of efficiency and energy saving;

- dry screening with oscillating screen type SUPERSCREEN with 4 intermediate fractions: OVERSIZE, Core Layer, Surface Layer and Dust;

- air sifting systems for the classification of wood particles into prime quality Surface and Core layer;

- air sifting of OVERSIZE particles before dry milling for fire and explosion safety;

- metering bins type BBPL for a highly accurate material metering and weighing with a view to cost savings;

- glue receiving from trucks, transfer and storage into tanks, complete glue kitchen with PLCDOSER computerized 5 components dosing system;

- glue blending system with new and innovative high pressure PB resining technology type RH to significatly reduce resin consumption in the manufacture of MDP wood-based panels and achieve optimal resin distribution;

- suction and filtering units;

- different conveyor systems to forward the raw and intermediate material:

  * dosing, double, reversible screws;

  * belt conveyors;

  * single and double chain conveyors;

  * pneumatic conveyors;

- spark and fire detection control system for the preparation plant;

- all steel frameworks;

- laboratory machines to on-line control the product quality;

- complete engineering for foundations, buildings, preparation yard logistics, reliable fire extinguishing systems, and for parts of Customer’s local supply.


Plant erection is scheduled to start in January 2015 while plant start-up is expected in the fourth quarter of 2015.