Globus drive for innovation: “Sharpening Room”

The first fully automatic knife sharpening system in the world for refining mills up and running and operating to expectations.

This innovative system, which has revolutionised the concept of knife sharpening, is fully operative at the Galliate facility (30 km from Milan), transforming knife sharpening into a fully automatic process that is closely monitored throughout all its various stages.

The system consists of a 6-axis robot, designed to carry out all the operations in a highly flexible manner and to handle an infinite number of sharpening programmes and work process variants.

The process commences with a unit which sprays the knife ring automatically with moving jets of water, after which it is brushed and dried with compressed air.

The knife ring is then placed in a dedicated, fully enclosed area where all the operations are carried out in safety without the need for operator intervention.

Each knife is removed automatically and then checked by an optical scanning system to determine the relative profile and how much material needs to be sharpened away.

All the operations are handled automatically and details on knife wear and wear on the knife mount plates are utilized to optimize the mill refining process.