Conference “Carbon Wood Storage: Yes Thanks!”

The IMAL-PAL group has organized a conference entitled “Carbon Wood Storage: Yes thanks!” to be held on 5 November in the “Sala Noce” at 2 pm during the “Ecomondo” international fair in Rimini. A presentation will be made during the conference, of the 4 European projects awarded to the group as a result of the significant progress it has made in the field of research and technological innovation.
The projects are mainly characterized by their low environmental impact and advanced engineering; IMAL is involved in 3 projects: the IPAN project, the HPRS project and the GREENJOIST project, while PAL is involved  in the PLASTIC KILLER project.
These European projects are:
IPAN: Innovative Poplar Low Density Structural Panel – I-PAN’s main objective is the design of a breakthrough lightweight wood based panel, with 50% of its volume composed of recycled wood and the remaining 50% of poplar wood utilizing the upper part of the tree that is commonly underused.
HPRS: High Pressure Resination System - A system for the production of wood based panels with a low resin  content thanks to the high-pressure injection of resin.
PLASTIC KILLER:  The main aim of this project is to replace current X-ray operated detecting systems utilized in the recycled wood cleaning process with a near infrared (nir) and visual optical detection system.
GREENJOIST:  The project aims at demonstrating the value and feasibility of an eco-innovative recycling process, able to reuse and valorize wood waste to produce green, high quality and cost-effective joists to be used in different sectors such as manufacturing, transportation,  logistics and construction.

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