Globus centrifugal mill for better particles

Globus sold over the last three months, three brand new centrifugal mills to company Mauro Saviola Group Italy, PG Bison South Africa and Allgreen of Malaysia, part of Evergreen Fibreboard Berhad.
No matter which type of wood you utilize: recycled wood, pinus, eucalyptus or rubber wood, the goal is always to produce “on time” the right quantity of particles grading according to board thickness in production.
Globus mill could be equipped with ring and conidur screen or ring with slotted hole screen, changing time is less than three minutes; in these way variation of the particles grading is very quick following the request of the board thickness in production.
Remaining loyal to the ImalPal group’s motto: “Innovation is constantly in our mind”, Globus has designed a completely revolutionary concept for sharpening knife ring flaker knives: “The sharpening room”.
The innovative Globus solution utilizes a robot to handle the knives throughout all the sharpening stages, and which is capable of performing distinct processing cycles; Globus foresee installation of three units within 2017.