My first 100 knife ring flaker

Fabio Paron of Globus is proud to announce the sale of his hundredth ring flaker mill.
The 100th new mill will be delivered soon and represent the ultimate evolution of the up-to-date technology for production of wood flakes in particleboard manufacturing.
Always keep in mind the problems of the customer in flaker production, Globus developed the famous wobble disc able to distribute properly the chips all over the length of the knife: mm 690.
Thanks’ to these system, the machine generates a lot of main advantages, such as a great reduction in energy consumption (up to 35% less than competitors) great improvements in capacity up to 18 t/h bd, better flakes quality both in length, thickness and flat surface.
Mill after mill the new generation EVO 4 represents the ultimate evolution in flaking technology, thanks to new improvements:
- Hydraulic unit for forced lubrication of main bearings with heat exchanger
- Sensor for temperature and vibration survey
- High thickness new design wear plates
- Special belt for conveying pollutant materials out of the machine
Globus has already delivered 22 flaker mill of the new EVO4 model.