IMAL-PAL GROUP WITH THE PANEL ALLIANCE TEAM AT LIGNA: a huge success thanks to innovation

The IMAL-PAL group showcased a range of new equipment for complete plants and individual technological solutions at LIGNA 2017.
Over 1500 visitors from every corner of the world flocked to the 1600 m2 stand over the five days of the show and the group increased its order portfolio by 11 million euro, figures which have never been reached before at any other show.
The show proved particularly useful for promoting the Panel Alliance team to its clientele, a group created by IMAL, PAL, GLOBUS, VYNCKE, RECALOR and TRASMEC, each an expert in its own core business, who have pooled their resources to offer the best possible technology on the market for complete plants at the best possible price.
Visitors showed a keen interest in the “Show room” where a wide range of equipment was showcased from the compact laboratory moisture meter to the 7 metre long HD Oscillating Screen. 
Other equipment on show included the Dynapelletpress, able to process 12 tons/h of pellets, and the SRC14.690_EVO4 knifering flaker for particleboard lines, able to handle over 15 t/h and for which several orders were placed.
Orders were also placed for the Dynasteam, mat steam injection system, 91 systems of which have already been sold worldwide, and three more orders were placed for the Hi-Jet high pressure resination system for MDF, PB and OSB to add to the 107 Hi-Jets that have already been sold.
The interest shown in the Cyclops, an optical spectrographic classifier, confirms the growing demand from customers, especially European customers, to utilize recycled wood on MDF lines as well.
Over 30 solutions were on show for the on-line and laboratory control equipment, ranging from the FBC200, full board blister control to the new all-in-one 4.0 “smartlab” laboratory concept. One of the latest additions is the SMC100, Sand, Mark & Cut which automatically cuts, sands and marks the samples with a QR code and which is incorporated in the “smartlab”. Other technological solutions and turnkey projects for the production of pallet blocks, pellets, insulation board and pressed pallets also aroused interest amongst the visitors.

Paolo Benedetti and Loris Zanasi, the founders of the IMAL-PAL group, received a special award from Andreas Züge, general manager of HF Italy and Christian Pfeiffer, the LIGNA director for their “40 years at Ligna”.