At the beginning of 2019 IMALPAL Group signed an important project with the Korean Client Hanwha for a new pellet plant of 40 t/h capacity, a production of approx. 320,000 t/year.

As fabricant of machinery for the wood preparation since 1978, PAL is going to supply:

- Screening and cleaning system of the chips feeding stream by Dynascreen and dry cleaning machines.

- Wet and dry wood milling system by 8 Hammermills of the Falcon type in its high-performance configuration, complete of screw metering, metal and contaminant removing system through magnetic drum and air selection system.

- After the Dryer, a screening and cleaning system by Superscreen and Wind Sifter is to provide for the reduction of energy consumption in the milling area and at the same time ensure the wood quality having removed all residual contaminants in the wood mix. This important implementation will not only guarantee the Pellet quality but also avoid the risks of fire and explosion thanks to the removal of all contaminants that would cause ignition during the milling phase.

- 1 Storage silo equipped with the Extracon type extractor for the storage of dry wood after the drier.

- 8 Volumetric metering systems equipped with DB.4 type screws.

- 7 Dynapelletpresses i.e. high-performance pelletizing presses fabricated by the PSP division which ensure far longer wear life than the competitors’ as well as a lower energy consumption per ton output.

Delivery is scheduled for October this year. All machines are made in Italy.