Since the 1980s, PAL has been engaged in technological research for recycled wood cleaning; the last three years have been characterised by ever increasing needs in this sector and by as many orders that motivate us to continue investing in the R&D division, with the intention of guaranteeing an increasingly impeccable wood cleaning quality.

In this context, PAL proposes its Tower, a cascade cleaning system that, in a restricted area, integrates long consolidated machines that helped the company become a world leader in the sector, with other technologically innovative, high-performance, state-of-the-art machines.

In the Iberian Peninsula, wood sector operators are increasing their investments to use growing quantities of wood waste recovered from “urban forests” for the production of top quality panels.

A plant was constructed for our client LUSO FINSA, in the city of Nela in Portugal, where, at the end of our powerful Tiger crusher that grinds bulky wooden pieces, we installed a cleaning system including, inter alia, the Cyclops multisorter that, if complete with all its parts, can remove by itself any kind of pollutant.

For another client, SONAE ARAUCO, in the city of Oliveira Do Hospital, a cleaning tower has been in operation since mid-2018 which processes 40 t/h of recycled wood for the production of particleboard panels; two Cyclops were supplied here for the micro fraction and the macro fraction respectively, in addition to the systems for the removal of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and the cleaning of the fine fraction.

As far as Spain is concerned, we supplied a fully-operating cleaning line to SONAE ARAUCO, in the city of Linares.

At the Finsa plant, in Cella Teruel, there is another of our Tiger systems and more precisely the 210-90 model, that can grind up to 80 t/h of pre-ground bulky recycled wood. Conversely, a cleaning tower with the same capacity will be commissioned in August 2020.

But it does not end here… Yes, because the Iberian market is buoyant and interested in our proposals.

In fact, our technical and commercial office is already working in synergy with the client Losan, on a 40 t/h cleaning tower.