Wood recycling treatment

Up until the mid-1980s, panel manufacturers had an abundance of wood at their disposal for their process requirements.
At present in North and Central Europe, North America, Brazil and elsewhere, despite reforestation policies and an increase in the number of trees, the cost for obtaining these resources in addition to related environmental issues, have forced many companies to seek alternative options.
The only real and proven option is urban waste wood. In fact, most urban forests are attractively priced and in some cases, can be collected free of charge. As a result of the great expertise acquired in chip cleaning, PAL became the first company in 1982 to produce integrated recycling systems for urban wood waste. The IMAL-PAL group is widely acknowledged as the world leader in this field.
With the application of this special technology, it is not only possible to recycle wood for wood-based panels but for other products in the industry as well such as pallet blocks