The production of top quality OSB panel involves high manufacturing costs.
The IMAL-PAL group manufactures and supplies plants and plant areas that have been specifically designed to cut production costs, from electrical power to resins and even thermal power. The belt drying technology utilized and applied exclusively by the IMAL-PAL group in the work process, does not break the strands, thus producing a better quality end product. Furthermore, there is less risk of fire, maintenance is performed more rapidly and fewer emissions are released into the environment.
A major innovation is the new LSB, “Light Strand Board”, a product which combines the advantages of PB and OSB panels to create a unique product, which is both light and resistant at the same time (excellent mechanical properties). The LSB panel may be coated with paper and used in furniture and flooring applications.
With the new resination and press technologies, the IMAL-PAL group plants are the state-of-the-art in OSB and LSB panel production.