On-Line Microwave Moisture Meter - UM900

The UM900 microwave moisture meter owes its creation to the constant research and investigation into the development of new techniques to achieve accurate detection and monitoring of the parameters involved in the production process. The UM900 is able to conduct the on-line measurement of the moisture content, density and temperature of the material analysed.


  • Charts and graphs updated real time with programmable alarm levels for an optimal control of the process
  • Performs a vectorial moisture measurement irrespective of density, temperature, formula used, etc.
  • Configuration of analogue and digital outputs
  • Automatic stabilizing of the temperature inside to ensure elevated measuring precision
  • Calibration stable over time
  • May be used for any kind of wood
  • Quicker to calibrate thanks to pre-determined calibration charts
  • Optional remote data system via GPRS on WEB page.






  • Real time control of moisture, density and temperature
  • Work process not affected in any way
  • No chemical reaction or heating of the material
  • On-line monitoring of the production process.
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Download the data sheet for details on the technical features, advantages and scope.