Moisture Meter - UC950

The system has been designed to provide a rapid measurement of the moisture content present in wood chips and sawdust manually, at the entrance to the production facility, so that the actual cost of the raw material may be determined on a dry basis. The material is collected by the operator from the truck transporting the chips or sawdust at the entrance to the production facility and then placed in the chute (35 - 50 litres). The system levels the material and immediately measures moisture content within a range of 10% - 150% on a dry basis and the moisture content over the total within a range of 10%- 60%. The moisture content measured is then displayed on the screen. Microwave technology is applied to conduct the measurement which is extremely rapid and accurate since the measurement is taken over an area of approximately 300 mm. The result may be printed utilizing the built-in printer. The printout may then be stapled to the delivery note to determine the actual cost of the raw material on a dry basis. Once the measurement has been conducted the material is emptied from the chute manually, so that the system is ready to conduct the next test.

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Download the data sheet for details on the technical features, advantages and scope.