On-Line Moisture Meter - UC100

The UC100 has been designed to monitor and control the amount of moisture present in the thin layers of wood produced as a result of the log stripping process. The machine consists of a beam set horizontally (on which the sensors and high voltage electrics are mounted), three rolls to move the thin sheets of wood along and which are also an integral part of the system, and an electric panel which houses the microprocessor system used to process the signals transmitted by the sensors at regular intervals. Besides supplying information concerning the current production, the system also provides visual identification of areas with the highest content of water. As each peeled veneer is processed, the moisture detected is graphically displayed on the computer monitor using different colors to show the areas with different degrees of moisture.


  • Incorporated database to collect and store data
  • Clear and simple graphic interface
  • Control of a set of sprinkler nozzles to spray the areas with a continuous or dotted spray of dye, in relation to moisture content
  • The on-line measurement of the moisture contained in the strips of wood may be displayed graphically on the colour monitor to highlight areas of varying moisture
  • Complete with automatic correction of the drying process
  • Particularly suitable for installation on the dryer outfeed belt
  • May also be used for plywood.



  • Increase in production (from 5 to 10%) owing to the constant control and maximization of drying rates
  • Increase in production quality
  • Decrease in dryer energy
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Line does not require any kind of modification
  • Measuring repeatability
  • Possibility of classifying board production.
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Download the data sheet for details on the technical features, advantages and scope.