Laboratory Moisture Meter - UM2000-LTE

The UM2000-LTE has been designed to determine moisture content in a very simple and reliable manner. The material is dried by a round halogen quartz lamp which applies a constant heat to the sample, at one or more temperatures that have been programmed accordingly by the operator. The method is not influenced by the effects produced by colour, density, chemical properties or absorption which can render the measurements obtained by other methods unreliable. A sample of suitable weight is placed on the scale pan inside the drying chamber. The test parameters are programmed from the keyboard beforehand by the operator and the test starts when the relative key is pressed or when the lid is closed. The unit has a large LED display to facilitate the reading of the data and a luminous bar to display the weight of the sample in proportion to the full scale and to monitor the weighing process.


  • RS-232 bi-directional data interface and USB for handling and storing test results and setup parameters
  • Various drying modes which are easy to programme and retrieve
  • Internal temperature control over a range of 50 ÷ 160 °C
  • Specially designed, user-friendly software
  • Calibration certified with primary gauging samples.



  • Elevated measuring accuracy
  • Test conducted rapidly
  • Good measuring repeatability
  • No maintenance required.
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Download the data sheet for details on the technical features, advantages and scope.