Glue Mix Gel Time Control - GEL TIMER

The Geltimer has been designed to measure the gel time of the resin delivered by the supplier and the gel time of the glue mix applied in the blender and the blow line. It permits the glue comparison between several different production plants to assess quality repeatability of the various resins supplied. The device produces highly accurate measurements: the electronic system measures mixer motor torque and hence the absorption power. The initial torque value when the mixer is immersed in the resin and started, is zero (offset). A difference is set, beyond which the resin is considered to have hardened.

• Accurate measurements
• Elevated repeatability
• Test conducted rapidly
• Easy to use
• Test results may be saved (up to 200)
• Up to 200 sensitivity settings possible

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Download the data sheet for details on the technical features, advantages and scope.