Infrasonic Laboratory Sifter - VU100

The VU100 has been designed to screen out products like sawdust, chips, and wood fibre, in relation to particle size. By applying an acoustic pressure of adjustable frequency and intensity, the material is dry-sieved and collected in calibrated screens which are positioned in decreasing order. By weighing each sieve, the operator may calculate the percentage of the single granulometries, and obtain numerical information on the composition of the material used.


  • Used for both fibre and wood chips
  • Excellent screening precision in a very short time
  • Acoustic vibration to prevent the material from accumulating
  • Single oscillating air column to move even the smallest particles through the sieves
  • No screen wear or particle friction
  • See-through sieves to inspect the screening process
  • Simple to use.



  • Accurate quality control of the material used in the productive process
  • Improvement in the quality of the boards produced
  • Less material wasted in the production process.
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Download the data sheet for details on the technical features, advantages and scope.