Fully Automatic Laboratory - AUTOLAB

AUTOLAB is a complete, independent test laboratory which can perform all the board tests required without any need for manual intervention.
It is usually located in the vicinity of the production line and operated by the press operator. It has the task of performing various test sequences, which range from “complete”, for carrying out comprehensive tests providing a wide variety of information, to “fast“, which supply key information in just a few minutes.

Each test strip has a complete test protocol that provides results for one test sequence or, if net connected, for all the data relating to the production from which the test strip was taken. Each test produces various graphs and data pages that can be displayed on the screen or printed as required, which is also applicable for any previously performed tests.

The advantage of this is that the manufacturer can supply each customer with test results relative to the boards delivered and thereby demonstrate that the materials received do in fact meet their requirements. The possibilities of this software prove even more useful for internal quality controls. All tests and data are saved on standard DATA BASE. By means of a very simple function, the system creates multiple graphs showing various statistical curves and calculations.

AUTOLAB is THE solution to many laboratory problems and the total optimization of Quality Control.

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Download the data sheet for details on the technical features, advantages and scope.