Crushers - TIGER


  • U-feeder based on vibrating channel or long chain-plate conveyor and terminal toothed rollers
  • Swivelling introduction head with toothed rollers
  • High speed rotor equipped with very strong hammers
  • Digesting chamber equipped with openable inspection gates and inner wearproof protections
  • Front flaps to reject indigestible materials such as large metallic contaminants, etc.
  • Very big strong hammers
  • Outfeed screen to control the size of crushed chips.


  • Easy digestion of all urban forest material, bulky or pre-crushed
  • Easy digestion of pollutants such as minerals, stones, plastics, glass, etc.
  • Elimination of bigger and tougher heavy pollutants
  • Very low specific energy consumption and maintenance.
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Download the data sheet for details on the technical features, advantages and scope.