Laboratory press - PL100

The laboratory press is able to produce sample boards for testing purposes, with adjustable specific pressure and adjustable temperature for binder curing.

The laboratory press is complete of its electronic control which reads the signal coming from a level transducer and the pressure inside the cylinder.
The data regarding the cycle required is stored in its memory. The system controls the various phases of the cycle following a logic sequence, and the switching over from one phase to the next occurs as soon as a specific condition is fulfilled. The parameters available to the operator are thickness, time and pressure.
The memory is ample enough to store a large number of cycles (the number is limited by the computer’s hard disk storage capacity), and the parameters relating to each cycle are stored as well.
The system directly controls the hydraulic valves to obtain the desired cycle.
The software has been developed on two bases: a computer to set, store and display the data, for which clear and intuitive graphics are used, and on microprocessor for the actual control of the process, which has been created with the aid of sturdy and reliable HW, developed for the purpose.

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Download the data sheet for details on the technical features, advantages and scope.