Cutting & Sanding Machine For Laboratory Test Samples – SMC100

The SMC100 is a fully automatic system for preparing laboratory samples for testing purposes.
Once the strip taken from the production line has been inserted into the process, it is cut into samples on the basis of the cutting pattern programmed. If contemplated in the cutting pattern for standard compliancy purposes, the SMC100 can also sand the top and bottom of the sample with extreme precision. The rejects are separated out from the good samples at the end of the cycle and these are marked with a QR code for performing EN tests with other IMAL systems like the IB700 and an alpha-numeric code for rapid identification.

• The SMC100 is able to handle the cutting and sanding of the samples autonomously, starting from the “laboratory cut” made by the continuous saw; this gives the operator time to concentrate on other tasks such as running the tests themselves.
• To achieve a quality cut and sanding of the samples with repeatability, the SMC100 does not require operator intervention for the preparation of the samples hence ensuring a constant sample quality.
• For an optimal distribution of the samples over the panel.
• To manage the number and size of the samples which are to be cut,
• To keep track of the samples that have been cut. The SMC100 cuts and sands the samples with 0.1 mm precision, thus ensuring that the samples are produced with straight edges and parallel surfaces.
• To run an elevated number of tests daily with the assistance of just one operator
• To cut and sand the samples without putting operator safety at risk, the SMC100 does not require operator intervention hence minimizing exposure to unnecessary risks.

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Download the data sheet for details on the technical features, advantages and scope.