Weighing And Metering Bin – BCD.OSB

The BCD.OSB has been especially designed to meter the flow of strands. It consists of a belt with a storage/levelling area located at the top of the machine and a weighing area at the front end. Another important function of this scale is to create a mat of strands with a constant controlled height at discharge.

• Sturdy, vibration free construction
• Levelling raceback device for bin feeding system to form an even mat
• Weighing bridge (high precision system) to optimise the ratio between the actual weight (material) and the tare (belt)
• Encoder to measure weigh belt speed
• Anti-static weigh belt
• Large diameter drive drum to minimize belt tension
• Incorporated self-tensioning/self-centering weigh belt system
• High tech microprocessor for weighing rate control
• Electronic levels systems
• Continuous discharge flow.

• Extremely versatile and suitable for OSB
• Weighing system not affected by tare
• Extremely simple to calibrate
• High precision and repeatability
• Simple and easy to maintain.


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Download the data sheet for details on the technical features, advantages and scope.