• Completely innovative, light and modular construction
  • System of hydraulic suspension and low friction coefficient for the screen housing support
  • Upper and lower balancers with rotating counterweight that provides the structure only with a rotating motion and eliminates any “pitching” problems
  • Controlled and adjustable rotary movement of the screen housing
  • The machine can have one or two screening stages, each containing up to 4 sieve lines
  • From 2 to 5 fractions of sieved material are obtainable
  • The sieves are made from stainless steel
  • Flexible charging and discharging hoses on the storage hoppers for connection to the related conveyors outside the sieve
  • In the sieve holder there are no fire and explosion ignition sources.


  • Unusual or special conveyors are not required
  • The hydrostatic suspensions are more durable, efficient and cheaper than traditional systems with elastic parts
  • Very low maintenance costs Minimum installed power loading
  • Light foundations required
  • Very high screening performance thanks to the high rotation speed
  • Simple and rapid replacement of sieves.
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