MSG Centrifugal Dry Mills


  • Refining mills for dry flakes suitable to surfaces and core layers in particleboard production or multilayer LSB/OSB product
  • Peculiarity of these Globus Mills for this specific application is the great advantage of being equipped with standard screen support ring for Conidur screen and with support ring for special “slotted hole” screen, which have four cutting edges
  • The special design of the Mill, allows ring replacement in only 8 minutes time with a special hydraulic changing system
  • Oil lubrication system for main bearings
  • Feeding door provided with air cleaner to reject heavy pollutants


  • Elevata efficienza di classificazione
  • La turbolenza generata dal canale con le membrane a zig-zag, assicurano la caduta delle particelle più pesanti che impropriamente sono aspirate e classificate come materiale accettato da altri tipi di selettori ad aria della concorrenza
  • Fast replacement of the ring screen grants the proper production of fine particles for the external layer according to the various boards thicknesses
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Download the data sheet for details on the technical features, advantages and scope.