RSG Ring Strander


  • Ring Strander is the new machine for producing high quality micro strands
  • Globus patented wobble spreader disc, is a unique system for a perfect distribution of the macro chips inside the machine
  • Perfect distribution of the macro chips, allows to obtain long and large flakes. Thanks to the particular knife cutting edge, flakes are also thin and have constant size
  • Oil lubrication system for main bearings allows to have high cutting speed and avoid the production of dust
  • The particular geometric shape of knife ring and knife allows to work with wood having a moisture up to 160% bd


  • Homogeneous granularity of the strands and perfect cutting of the wood, in order to leave unchanged the physical/mechanical properties of OSB
  • Very low specific energy consumption
  • Regular consumption of wearing parts
  • No clogging even with high moisture material
Tel +39 0321 862702
Download the data sheet for details on the technical features, advantages and scope.