SMG Grinding Machines


  • Rigid electrowelded steel structure
  • Grinding wheel holding carriage running on friction-free slides
  • Adjustable carriage speed by electronic inverter
  • Magnetic and/or mechanical clamping knife
  • Hydropneumatic brake
  • Automatic system for grinding wheel replacement
  • Electronic thickness probing device
  • Plc, touch screen control, graphic colour display; 7”
  • Upon request the machine can be customized (i.e. presetting station for grinding and assembling)


  • Precision grinding machines for straight knives and flat surfaces
  • Comfortable access space to the grinding stone for a quick change
  • Quick stone-change system
  • High flexible-automation on the work cycle
  • It is possible to grind knives with different width
  • By using the presetting station there is no idle time during knives replacement
Tel +39 0321 862702
Download the data sheet for details on the technical features, advantages and scope.