SRC Knife Flakers


  • Knife ring flakers is the basic machine for producing high quality particleboard
  • Globus patented wobble spreader disc, is a unique system for a perfect distribution of the chips inside the machine
  • The eccentric disc has independent drive speed
  • Perfect distribution of the chips, allows a complete and total use of the knife cutting edge and therefore great energy saving and reduction of wear parts consumption
  • A long and careful research time was spent in different plants, in order to determinate the best cutting edge and number of knives for these application i.e. 54 knives
  • Oil lubrication system for main bearings
  • Very high precision impeller provided with presetting system for counter-knives
  • Feeding door provided with air cleaner to reject heavy pollutants


  • Homogeneous granularity of the flakes and perfect cutting of the wood, in order to increase the physical/mechanical
  • The turbulence generated by the zigzag channels ensures the thick-large (jumbo) particles to drop (that are improperly sucked and classified as accepts by other selectors) properties of particleboard
  • A perfect cutting of the edges, allows a limited consumption of glue
  • Very low specific energy consumption
  • Regular consumption of wearing parts
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Download the data sheet for details on the technical features, advantages and scope.