• Heavy duty robust drum construction
  • Inlet and discharge rings made from reinforced steel plate
  • Various plate and mesh sizes
  • Option of rotating brushes for self-cleaning
  • Option of drum lifting hydraulic system suitable to change segments and drive wheels on-site
  • Option of integrated discharge belts for fine and oversized particles to save space
  • Screening of even the heaviest materials, with multiple fractions possible
  • Two or Four Wheel drive (longer versions)
  • Dust suction and acoustic covers available
  • Variable speed control drum speed 5-15 RPM


  • Interchangeable screening plates for versatile screening solutions with minimal set up time
  • Freely accessible drum by opening of the large side doors
  • Problem-free servicing with easy accessibility to all power units and simple drum change system
  • Highly efficient
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Download the data sheet for details on the technical features, advantages and scope.