Our Cooler refresh the Pellets by using a forced air counter flow.

Pellet will be dosed inside the machine by a R-Valve who ensure the no dust propagation in the rounding area. After the R-Valve the pellet are invested by a perfect countercurrent air flow, dosed by a special flap, well distribute across the machine thanks to the perfect shape of the cooling chamber.
Pellets flow is controlled inside to the cooling chamber by a triple step grid, one fix, one vibrating and one adjustable. This already proved configuration ensure a perfect cooling of the pellets.
Machine is mechanical well done by using 1st quality and international components, made by stainless steel in all the contact point with material and in all the critical point where humidity or wood acidity can rust or wearing.
Containment body of the machine and support steel structure is made by proper sized mild steel profile.​



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Download the data sheet for details on the technical features, advantages and scope.