• Feeding conveyor for distribution across
  • W-Rolls to remove very fine and dusty material
  • V-Rolls to remove flakes and micro chips
  • D-Rolls to remove oversize pieces
  • Chrome plating or nitriding of W & V profiles
  • Two side bearings and transmissions
  • Devices for setting gaps easily and freely
  • Single or double screening deck/s
  • Discharge flap for each fraction, to be freely positioned
  • Separation from 2 to 5-6 fractions


  • Integrated suction unit to remove dust, fiber, paper and plastic foils, etc.
  • VS system for intermediate suction
  • WS system for final suction
  • Devices for free setting of suction speed


  • Integrated system for removal of a minor fraction highly contaminated from heavy pollutants
  • Specialized shape of roll profile
  • Extracting screw conveyor for the polluted fraction
  • Patented.


  • Zigzag channeling effect from interlocking W & V rolls:

       - aligns the flow along the W & V gaps

       - improves particle vibration and screening efficiency

  • W & V roll profiles:

       - ensures better calibration of particle thickness

       - ensures better calibration of particle length

  • VS & WS Dynasifter:

       - easy application any time

       - excellent dedusting and removal of light pollutants such as fiber, paper and plastic foils, etc.

  • All gaps and discharge flaps freely adjustable:

       - enables easy changing of fraction size

       - enables easy variation of number of fractions

  • Absolutely free from plugging and/or blockages
  • Very easy setting of screening parameters
  • High efficiency and reliability
  • Low maintenance.
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