QUADRADYN roll screen


  • Fluidizing rolls for better crosswise spreading of flakes at the screen infeed
  • Roll screen with specialized roll profiles for requested cuts
  • Separation till 4 fractions
  • Suitable for green and dry strand screening
  • AF - Fire extinguishing system
  • AE - Explosion vents
  • Two side bearings and transmissions
  • Highly flexible machine with quick and easy adjustments to match changes in the raw material:
    - adjustable diverting gates
    - adjustable shaft speed
    - adjustable working angle
    - adjustable gap setting
    - pre-settable disk spacing
  • No strand breakage or generation of fines in the screening process.


  • No strand breakage or generation of fines in the screening process
  • Very efficient screening out of fines resulting in:
    - increase in dryer capacity (green screening)
    - more uniform moisture content to the dryer (green screening)
    - reduction in dryer emissions (green screening)
    - reduction in drying costs (green screening)
    - lower fire risk in dryer (green screening)
    - reduced blender cleaning requirements
    - lower resin usage and higher board properties
  • Very efficient classification of strand size
  • Dedicated dryers for core and surface material (green screening)
  • Smaller footprint than drum screen for easy replacement in existing plants
  • Low maintenance, no plugging.
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Download the data sheet for details on the technical features, advantages and scope.