Dry Cleaner For Chips - DCC


  • High-tech chip cleaning system suitable to remove every kind of heavy pollutants from the chips, i.e. sand, stones, minerals, etc.
  • Special design for recycling-high polluted chips
  • Cleaning chamber provided of perforated screens and front step to stop heavy pollutants
  • Very strong oscillators for cleaning chamber
  • High pressure pneumatic circuit provided of adjustable speed pulsator
  • Special re-classifiers to separate the heavy pollutants from chip flow
  • Suction hopper and cyclone in order to prevent pollution.


  • Removal of any type of heavy pollutants, i.e. sand, stones, minerals, etc.
  • Unbeatable cleaning efficiency
  • Dramatic reduction ( up to 40-70% ) of raw material cost using recycled chips
  • Cost reduction till 50% for knives and wearing parts of knife ring flakers
  • High reliability
  • Very low maintenance cost
  • Low energy consumption, i.e. 0,5-0,6 kW/m3/h of bulk chips Installation free from pollution.
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Download the data sheet for details on the technical features, advantages and scope.