Metering Bin - BBPL

This bin has been designed to solve metering problems for facilities with small or average capacities. Its storage system and ample volume are two features which contribute to keeping the volumetric weight of the material to be extracted constant, irrespective of the bin’s filling level, resulting in a perfectly even extraction. The material is distributed and leveled inside the bin by means of a set of screws or rakeback conveyor system, while a set of doffing roll disks at the outlet ensures that the material is evenly distributed over the whole weighing belt. The method adopted for particle metering is that of conveyor belt speed variation. A weighing belt is located at the end of the conveyor belt, which, thanks to a special mechanical-electronic system, is able to determine the instantaneous throughput of the material.


  • Very sturdy construction
  • Screw or rakeback conveyor leveling system
  • Particles discharged by rotating doffing roll shafts to optimise and fluidise particle flow
  • Brush for cleaning conveyor belt
  • Belt sliding surface made from galvanized iron sections
  • Level of the material in the bunker controlled by a set of capacitive levels
  • Option - level controlled by prior weighing of the whole bunker.
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Download the data sheet for details on the technical features, advantages and scope.