Metering Bin - BBT & BBT60

The machine consists of a conveyor belt and a metal particle storage bin which is constructed around the belt itself. The particle infeed is located on the top of the bin along with a set of screws which have the task of distributing the product inside the machine. A set of doffing rolls are installed at the outlet to provide a constant and well blended discharge of the particle so that the subsequent weighing operation and feed to the next machine is made as efficient as possible. It is possible to vary the quantity of particle metered at the machine outlet by changing the speed at which the conveyor belt moves, by a frequency converter.
The filling percentage is measured by a set of capacitive level controls or optionally, by weighing the whole bunker by means of weight transducers.
A belt scale is located at the outlet, to determine the immediate throughput of the particle being conveyed. An IMAL electronic signal amplifier processes the signal given by the weighing system to supply a 4÷20 mA or 0÷10 V outgoing signal which is proportional to the instantaneous throughput.
Its convenient modular composition makes it extremely versatile and adaptable to a range of production capacities.


  • Very strong construction
  • Use of dust-proof bearings located at a suitable distance from the walls of the machine.
  • Particles discharged using rotating comb shafts to optimise and fluidise particle flow
  • Brush for cleaning conveyor belt
  • Large diameter drive rollers to reduce belt tension
  • Automatic belt tracking system
  • Electronic weight transducers for high precision weighing system
  • Accuracy guaranteed over the entire throughput range (does not depend on the full scale as in traditional systems)
  • Bin fill level measured by a set of capacitive levels or as an option, by weighing the whole bin
  • A set of screws is used to distribute the chips inside.



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Download the data sheet for details on the technical features, advantages and scope.