Preassembled Glue Kitchen - PGK

The preassembled glue kitchen has been designed to be installed and put into operation within just a few hours. The assembly is ideal for rapidly replacing glue kitchens on existing lines, avoiding costly and lengthy shut downs of the production line.
The glue kitchen is fully preassembled mechanically, hydraulically and electrically and is shop tested prior to shipment to enable rapid start up. It can be designed for use with any number of components.
The electric control is realized with a choice of Siemens or Allen Bradley PLC and Wonderware or RS-View or Winscada supervision programme may be supplied for the PC.


  • Rapid installation and start up
  • Compact size • All hydraulic and electrical testing carried out prior to shipment.



Tel +39 059 465500
Download the data sheet for details on the technical features, advantages and scope.