Computerized System For Gravimetric Resin Preparation - WINGRAV9

The WINGRAV9 gravimetric system designed for the preparation of resin mixtures for impregnation lines may be configured to suit a wide range of applications and requirements. The pre-programmed software may in fact be adapted to accommodate a large number of components, additives and utilities.


  • Each tank has its own load/discharge valves and is fastened to a load cell
  • System consists of several preliminary mixing vessels to avoid any direct contact between incompatible components before the final preparation
  • The system has been designed to feed one or more impregnation lines
  • Software easily modified to suit any future expansion of the system
  • PC programmable recipes
  • Incorporated database to store the recipes
  • Consumption report
  • Alarm database
  • User-friendly interface
  • Suitable for paper impregnation lines.



  • Excellent precision achieved with different vessels of varying capacity, in relation to the component dosed
  • Less time needed to prepare the resin mixture because several components may be dosed simultaneously
  • Easily dismantled for cleaning and maintenance purposes
  • The exact amount of each component is ensured by the regular calculation of the tare
  • Discharge times optimized because there are no set waiting times.
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Download the data sheet for details on the technical features, advantages and scope.