Isocyanate Dosing System

Since isocyanate needs to be kept within a well-defined temperature range, it is stored in a tank equipped with special pumps, filters, valves, etc. to circulate the product safely, passing it through a special heat exchanger to keep the temperature within the desired range.
A second pump withdraws the quantity which is to be sent to the process and pumps the isocyanate to a flow rate measuring system downstream of which, there is an injection system.
A flow meter meters the product so that the exact amount of liquid required by the production process is sent to the injection system.


  • Accurate dosing of the component
  • Elevated environmental safety against product leakage or escape
  • Fully proofed system
  • Magnetic drag pumps or pumps with dual mechanical seals
  • Low energy requirements
  • Easy to install and inexpensive to maintain
  • Material protected from external agents.
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Download the data sheet for details on the technical features, advantages and scope.