Glue Blender - IPV

It is possible to choose two distinct particle feeding systems: • CTS: traditional system suitable for fine particles, i.e. surface layer • ASS: anti-shock system, recommended for larger particles, i.e. core layer. The size of the chamber ensures a quick and efficient blending of the glued particles. The optional Microcomp CGDW, blender mixing time control unit, enables a good quality and constant blend to be achieved by adjusting the discharge gate.


  • The glue is distributed evenly over the particle fractions
  • Blending time constantly controlled by the Microcomp CGDW (optional)
  • All the mixing chambers are made of special Avesta 2205 steel, which is highly resistant to wear and chemical substances
  • The mixing chamber and discharge hatch are water cooled
  • The new sprayer nozzles remain clean for a long time.



  • MICROCOM P CGDW: Microprocessor blender mixing time control unit
  • PANZER: Tungsten carbide coated wear resistant chamber for gluing even the most abrasive particles
  • S: Maintenance switch for the main motor, as per EC standards
  • P: Pre wiring in an on-board panel
  • ATE X: Equipment compliant with 94/9/CE/ATEX 95 Directive and suitable for zone 22 installation (on the basis of Directive 99/92/CE ATEX 137), and that is, intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres due to the presence of dust.
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Download the data sheet for details on the technical features, advantages and scope.