Glue Blender - IPL9000

Extended mixing time and the double blending of particles and glue have provided good results in many particleboard plants. Improved board properties, greater consistency and considerable reduction in glue consumption are just a few examples of the benefits had with this method. In this particular dual setup, the first blender is used to apply glue to the wood particles just after the infeed and to then mix the material in the remaining area. The second blender has just the task of mixing and can therefore use the entire length of the machine for this purpose. In conventional blenders mixing is limited to the area located between the last glue nozzle applicator and the blender outfeed, which, in the majority of cases, is less than two-thirds of the overall length of the machine itself. A dust injection system may be inserted between the two machines.


  • The low mixing force applied prevents particle breakage
  • Little wear on the blender chambers due to the low speed
  • Glue evenly spread over all particle fractions
  • Retention time is constantly controlled by the Microcomp CGDW microprocessor
  • All mixing chambers are made from special, highly wear resistant and chemical resistant stainless steel
  • The new sprayer nozzles stay clean for long periods and eliminate the need for static mixers
  • All parts in contact with the glue are water cooled and the low mixing speed keeps them clean
  • Guaranteed glue savings of 5-20% and over, compared to conventional high speed blenders.
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Download the data sheet for details on the technical features, advantages and scope.