Blender Mixing Time Control Unit - MULTICOMP CGDW

The CGDW is a device which has been designed to control wood particle mixing time in blenders. The CGDW reads and processes signals (analogue and digital) to regulate the power absorbed by the blender shaft motor in relation to the amount of wood being resined.


  • Automatic control of the blender discharge gate
  • Optimal blender operation
  • Maximized machine load
  • Constant retention time
  • Keyboard parameter programming
  • Digital PID adjustment
  • Alarms to signal malfunctions.



  • Optimised blending process
  • Reduced resin consumption
  • Greater particle friction
  • Better board quality properties
  • Continual control of the current absorbed by the blender.



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Download the data sheet for details on the technical features, advantages and scope.