High Pressure Particleboard Resination Technology - PB HI-JET (RH)

The system micronizes/nebulizes the resin and the micro glue particles produced form a saturated environment, so that, as the wood particles pass through, the surface of the particles is covered by an ideal quantity of resin before they are fed into the blender.
The distribution achieved in this way is directly proportional to the surface of each particle, to ensure that each particle only receives the amount of glue it needs, with a consequent reduction in the resin consumed. This new technology has at last solved the issue of the correct distribution of the glue over the wood particles; with traditional technology in fact, the fines were always over-glued because they tended to absorb as much as 5 or 7 times more than the amount absorbed by the larger particles.
When inspected in the laboratory, it was sometimes noted that the larger sized particles were significantly underglued, because the fines had virtually absorbed all the glue.
The special chute is equipped with a motorized self-cleaning system, and is used to convey the resined material to blender infeed.


  • In traditional systems the nozzles are mounted at 2/3 from blender outfeed. With this new high pressure injection system located inside the infeed chute, the whole length of the blender is exploited for the blending process, greatly increasing retention time
  • Resin consumption reduced by approximately 15% due to the improved resin distribution at high pressure and the longer retention time.
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