High Pressure OSB Resination Technology - OSB HI-JET (SB)

IMAL has designed a solution where acceleration rolls, installed at the outfeed to the scale and prior to the blender, create a very fine curtain of strands and the resin (ie. MDI, MUF, PF or MUPF) is then “painted” at high pressure over the strands as they fall inside the chute. During the next phase the strands are mixed and blended by a special mixer with a shaft that rotates at low speed, specially designed to achieve a perfect blend.
Additional chemical components can be injected in the blender too.
Advantages achieved with the system: • Perfect resin distribution and consequent reduction in resin consumption by as much as 20% • strands do not break and thus generation of fines is eliminated during the blending phase • Blender and resin injection system are simple and rapid to clean • the typical problems of the spinning head atomizers mounted inside the blender are eliminated (the spinning heads overheat and generate an active ignition source, the spinning heads get dirty very quickly and have to be washed frequently, the resin is not distributed evenly).

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Download the data sheet for details on the technical features, advantages and scope.