High Pressure Fiber Resination Technology - FB

This is achieved by mixing resin and fibre after the drying process rather than before it (blow line resination) since the elevated dryer temperatures increase the amount of resin required. After being accurately weighed and metered at dryer outfeed by a continuous fibre belt scale, the fibre travels through 2 special rolls which rotate at high speed to create a very fine curtain of fibre. The glue sprayers mounted on either side of the curtain, spray the resin onto the fibre at over 100 bar to achieve a perfect atomization of the resin. The reduction in the amount of resin consumed can vary from 20 to 40% depending on the production and thicknesses produced, consequently permitting a very rapid payback on the investment. A further advantage of this system is an increase in dryer capacity since the glue mix containing water is introduced into the process after the dryer, rather than before it, as is the case with blow line resination, which means that the dryer has to evaporate less water and as a result, can dry more fibre.


  • Resin consumption reduced by 20 to 40%
  • Maximum glue mixture spraying efficiency
  • Fibre weighed constantly and glue sprayed directly at high pressure
  • Fibre mixed by the turbulence produced by the turbo blender and conveying air
  • Special atomiser nozzles to spray the glue at high pressure (over 100 bar).
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