Mat Surface Damping Unit - TS100

The TS100 system has been designed for damping the top and bottom surfaces of the mat as it travels along the forming line. A damper surface helps the heat to penetrate through the board more rapidly during the pressing process, resulting in faster cure times and shorter press cycles. The system consists of a beam on which the centrifugal spraying rotors are mounted and a liquid dosing and recycling unit.


  • Improved quality and increase in production rates
  • Decrease in surface porosity, making the board easier to sand
  • Improved mechanical properties of the board with a smoother and harder surface
  • Better glass-like sheen to the surface to facilitate the coating process.


  • Assembly made from steel and corrosive resistant materials
  • Accurate mixing of water and additive
  • Electronic control of the exact amount of solution to be sprayed and recycled
  • Sophisticated water purification system included
  • Solution sprayed by means of centrifugal force
  • Electronic control may be implemented with Siemens PLC (Profibus and Ethernet) or Allen-Bradley PLC (Control net and Ethernet) upon request
  • May be used for all kinds of boards
  • Equipment conforming to Directive 94/9/CE ATEX 95 requirements and suitable for Zone 22 installation (based on Directive 99/92/CE ATEX 137), i.e. intended for use in potentially explosive environments due to the presence of dust.




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Download the data sheet for details on the technical features, advantages and scope.