Steam Injection System - DYNASTEAM

The DYNASTEAM® system has been designed to inject a continuous pre-set quantity of steam onto the top and bottom surface of the mat, or bottom surface only, depending on the application, as it is fed into the press. The steam has the effect of raising the temperature of the mat, leading to faster cure times, and an increase, as a result, in the capacity of the production line. The pressure and quantity of steam injected into the mat is regulated by PLC in proportion to the production speed of the line and the type of board produced. The device is suitable for application on MDF, particleboard and OSB lines.


  • 15-30% increase in production capacity
  • Improved board density profile, with an increase in particular in surface density
  • Less pressure required at continuous press infeed, resulting in less wear on the chains and steel belt
  • No condensation spots on the mat thanks to the special IMAL patent
  • Glassy surface suitable for lacquering.
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Download the data sheet for details on the technical features, advantages and scope.