Continuous Press With Steam Injection System - DYNASTEAMPRESS

Continuous press provided with integrated steam injection unit (Imal Dynasteam). The mat enters the continuous hydraulic hot press (DynaSteamPress) where it is pressed between two rotating steel belts which transfer pressure and heat to the mat. The hydraulic units control and adjust the pressure in the various areas of the press. The heat is transferred by hot thermal oil; different pumping units circulate the oil inside the hot platens installed under the two rotating steel belts. The regulation of pressure and temperature at the various stages of the process, on the basis of the size and thickness of the mat, guarantee high performance and a good quality final board.


The installation of the DynaSteamPress has the following advantages:

  • Increase in line capacity or shorter press
  • Better surface density of the board produce
  • More compact and less porous board surfaces
  • Higher modulus of elasticity values
  • Higher modulus of rupture values
  • Higher IB values • Less wear on the main press
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Download the data sheet for details on the technical features, advantages and scope.